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The Bed and Breakfast Compass - Your Way to the Perfect BnB Accommodation

The Houseboat Compass is a new addition to the Bed and Breakfast Compass to help you find houseboats on the Murray
River. Use this switch next
to the top logo to switch
between the two.


The Bed and Breakfast Compass is a great way to find your next escape destination away from the hustle and bustle. You’ll be able to plan your next break around events happening around Australia to make the most out of your stay. Contact the Bed and Breakfast hosts directly to make a booking. Return to the Bed and Breakfast Compass to save your favourite types of accommodation.

If you’re looking at buying a business you’ve come to the right spot. The For Sale section lists properties for sale around Australia. Search via each state to find the ideal accommodation. Property owners can list their property for a once off fee until the property is sold. You may want to take advantage of the design and marketing services available through The Bed and Breakfast Compass.



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