Western Australia Bed and Breakfast

Western Australia Bed and Breakfast

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Western Australia is one of the most exciting holiday destinations in Australia. While the diving meccas, outback villages and tempestuous landscapes have always been there, its recent position as a top Australian destination is due mainly to the mining boom of the last few years. Western Australia is fast becoming the place to be, so why not visit now while you can still have it all to yourself?

The Western Australian capital of Perth has long been recognized as the most remote city in the world, but the feeling of isolated bliss does not end there. The State covers a third of the entire country, yet is only home to 2 million people and most of them live in its main city.

Surfing enthusiasts will be in heaven visiting the rugged southern coast; while those looking for a trip ‘off the beaten track’ can head inland to Kalgoorlie, a town once renowned as the gold capital of the world. The State’s Shangri-la comes in the shape of a 300km coral reef between Coral Bay and Ningaloo. If a heaven on earth existed…this would be it.

Bed and Breakfasts abound in this part of the world; they are the perfect choice of accommodation for those desiring a much more intimate and charming stay.

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Rosemoore B&B - Mosman Park

Rosemoore Cottage provides relaxed, country style bed and breakfast accommodation. Located in Mosman Park, Perth. RoseMoore Cottage is conveniently located just off Stirling Highway, 12kms from Perth and 5kms from the bustling port city of Fremantle.
Call Shelley Rose on (08) 9384 8214

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